Sunday a week ago (2 weeks before Comrades) I got a sore throat, a few days later it was almost gone, when a dry cough caught me. With medication that’s also almost gone.

All the time I believed, I could run Comrades. I took it easy, no exhausting training sessions. At the same time, even if I wanted to take part in Big C, I also was calculating the risk. Yesterday, 5 days before race day, I did a very easy 6 km run and I got scared. Scared, that I might risk my life (myocarditis is a serious risk for endurance athletes after an infection). I decided, that it would be better, not to run. And when I made the decision, I felt relieved.

I discussed it with my wife, she fully supports the decision, and she also feels relieved.

Yes, I did put in a lot of effort in preparing and in general I feel that I am in the best form ever. My 2016 Two Oceans Ultra and the Düsseldorf Marathon were both close to my PB. Therefore I withdraw due to the respect to Comrades. If it would have been a Marathon, I would have taken part and run easy. You can not run Comrades easy. This is impossible. And I want to be able to run many more races including Comrades in the future.

For the first time, I was not looking forward to running it. This shows me, that my body wanted to tell me something. And I better listen. I can literally feel, that it’s the right decision. And it’s not such a tough decision… Friends of mine were forced not to run due to injuries, some did go to the start line but were stopped at the cut off points. I know why I am pulling out, I am not injured and I only need to wait a few more days until the cold or whatever I have is gone, until I can enjoy the sport again. That’s why I am not running 2016.

All the best to my fellow comrades, club mates and friends. Have a great day out there. Enjoy. Have fun. I’ll be watching you!