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Thank you for visiting my ultra marathon running blog. I'm a regular guy who got infected with the Ultra Marathon virus at the age of 37 (that was in 2007).

My most recent posts about (ultra) marathon running, nutrition, races and more:

2021 Comrades Race Report (virtual)

2021 was supposed to be the biggest celebration of the Comrades Ultra Marathon - it's 100th birthday! Due to Covid19 this was not possible, but the Comrades Organisation again motivated tens of thousands of runners to celebrate together all around the world. I took on...

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Review of 2019

Another year (2019) has gone by, filled with 2584 km of running 187 runs 55 gym sessions The strength training I started in December 2017 became a part of my weekly routine and I believe being able to run in 2019 without any injuries is directly related to that fact....

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