My Comrades Ultra Marathon journey since 2010

#9: 2023 down – 9h 47min (87.7 km)
After training much better, I achieved a solid sub 10h finish and a Robert Mtshali Medal.
Now the big goal is: Getting a green number in 2024!

#8: 2022 down – 10h 38 min (90 km)
My toughest Comrades ever, with the least amount of training ever (Comrades 2022 Down Run Race Report (Video Report!))

2020 + 2021
2x Virtual Half-Comrades (45 km) 

#7: 2019 up – 9 h 35 min
My second time as a cow and a very relaxed run without any pressure, no cramps, no pain.

#6: 2018 down – 9 h 15 min
My first time as a cow and winning their top fundraiser award were the highlight of my 2018 Comrades. Didn’t finish in the time I hoped for, but I’m fine with that – it’s still a PB on the longest down run I ever took part (Comrades Ultra Marathon down run 2018 report)

DNS: 2016 down – did not start due to a cold
After a very strong Sub 5h Two Oceans Marathon I was on track for another Bill Rowan Medal, until 2 weeks before the race a cold got the best of me (Race Report Comrades Marathon 2016 – Why I was not running and how much I enjoyed being at Comrades)

#5: 2015 up – 8 h 49 min
I did not dream of a sub 9 h finish, I was committed to it. And had a perfect day after an almost perfect preparation without running injuries (Comrades Ultra Marathon Sub 9 h 2015 report)

#4: 2014 down – 9 h 46 min
I dreamt again of a sub 9 h finish – and almost did not make it. The toughest race for me as of yet. Suffered from two injuries before the race (Comrades Ultra Marathon 2014 report)

2013 I took a year off and watched the start of the race on TV, huge FOMO!

#3: 2012 down – 9 h 23 min
Trying to get faster, dreams of a sub 9 h finish – but this was only a dream

#2: 2011 up – 9 h 40 min
Getting the back to back medal

#1: 2010 down – 9 h 47 min
Just survive it… And beceame part of the officially largest Ultra Marathon in the World (Guiness Book of Records). I even got a certificate for that 🙂