Two Oceans Ultra Overview

My Two Oceans Journey

The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon is the reason why I am running and I am more than grateful for the moment I got hold of the Two Oceans brochure during a vacation in Cape Town in 2007. I never could have imagined how much this event would change my life…

#12: 2020
Would have been the first Two Oceans of 58 km instead of 56 km – but then Corona came around and killed the race (Two Oceans Ultra Marathon NO-RACE race report 2020)

#11: 2019 – 5h 35 min
My first race wearing my blue number 🙂 (Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2019 race report)

#10: 2018 – 5h 13 min
My “blue number” race! (Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2018 race report)

#9: 2017 – 5 h 25 min
After my UTCT DNF in December 2016, I declared 2017 as my “rest-year” with only one marathon and the Two Oceans Ultra. I trained only the bare minimum and enjoyed a pressure-free OMTOM 🙂
(Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2017 race report)

#8: 2016 – 4 h 55 min
I was very keen on getting another Sainsbury medal (sub 5h) this year. And I managed to get it 🙂
(Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2016 race report)

#7: 2015 – 5 h 21 min
Year was dedicated to a sub 9 h at Comrades later this year, so I took it easier. A sub 5 h would have been nice, but I had massive problems with my digestive system. Still a great race and I took me to my ultimate goal of a Sub 9 h Comrades a couple of weeks later 🙂
(Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2015 race report)

#6: 2014 – 5 h 13 min
Hopes for another sub 5 h finish, but suffering from an injury, I was happy I could participate at all (Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2014 race report)

#5: 2013 – 5 h 50 min (running with blind athlete)
Another year as a pace setter, but this time for blind athlete Hein Wagner – and I only got notice of this opportunity 5 days before race day. And never ran with a blind person ever before…

#4: 2012 – 5 h 51 min (pace setter during the wettest race ever)
Celebrating my 42nd birthday on race day and give back to the running community by running as the official Two Oceans Sub 6 h pace setter (2012 Two Oceans Race Review and sub 6 h bronze medal chart)

#3: 2011 – 4 h 54 min
Aiming for a sub 5 h finish – and making it. What a fantastic experience.

#2: 2010 – 5 h 12 min
I’m becoming faster… Two Oceans also was a preparation for my very first Comrades later this year

#1: 2009 – 5 h 23 min
My very first Ultra Marathon ever, very emotional, very inspiring, life changing