Another year (2019) has gone by, filled with

  • 2584 km of running
  • 187 runs
  • 55 gym sessions

The strength training I started in December 2017 became a part of my weekly routine and I believe being able to run in 2019 without any injuries is directly related to that fact. Although I was not as disciplined as last year, and with some long business trips making it hard to find an appropriate gym, the benefits are tangiable. In the meantime I am not working with a strength coach any more – I use 8 different workouts from the program, add my own little twist to it, change them every now and then to keep it interesting.

Inspired by trail running superstar Vlad Ixel I added the Bozu balance ball to my exercises. That was extremely difficult in the beginning, but now it’s getting much better and after a few weeks I could sense during all my trail runs how my ankles got stronger and gained stability.

Highly recommended! Check Vlad’s instagram for tons of exercises and inspiration.

But there is another important factor…

My first full year of running as a vegetarian

2019 has been the first full year of me running fueled based on a 100% vegetarian diet. I started eating less meat at the beginning of 2018, stopped it almost completely in the middle of 2018 and finally ended it on the 31st of Dec 2018.

I do this for multiple reasons. From a running perspective the most important factor for a vegetarian and almost vegan diet: Better recovery!

It’s as simple as that. I can feel how my body improved to recover especially after longer runs. There’s lots of science behind it proving this fact, but food is a highly emotional topic. Therefore, I don’t dig deeper into the topic here, I only recommend making your own unbiased experiences.

If you want to check for yourself, just cut back on eating meat slowly. And once you feel comfortable, try to stay meat-free for a month, continue to train and see how you feel.

Two Oceans and Comrades

Of course the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2019 and the Comrades Ultra Marathon 2019 were on my agenda this year again. And that’s been it. No other races. I just wasn’t keen on the whole racing thing except for my regular Ultras.

Earning the reward for the Top Fundraiser for the CHOW Cows at Comrades 2019 was a fantastic experience again. Thank you cows!

2020 outlook

For 2020 I am planning on a marathon in January (as a qualifier for Two Oceans and Comrades), Two Oceans and Comrades in April/June, and maybe a trail race later in the year.