For the first time my wife and I attended a multi stage trail race. And the icing on the cake was the chance to run together with our beloved Magyar Vizsla Amy (3 years old). We focus on enjoying the run, instead of racing it. Therefore pace and time was not of our concern at all. It’s quite relaxing to run a race without looking at your pace 🙂

The Oystercatcher Trail Race follows the scenic and unique Ostercatcher Trail – with the only difference of going the opposite direction.

Actually, the race is a 1, 2 or 3 day event, perfectly organized by Sonja Terblance-Otto and Hano Otto ( The 3 day events starts on Friday, while the 2 day event we participated in joins the group on Saturday.

Day 1 was a 20 km run with lots of running on the beach and one technical section of some 3 km over rocks. Nothing really difficult, you just need to be focused. The weather was perfect, a mix of sun and clouds, not too hot!

Day 2 on Sunday was a beautiful, more technical run, passing two beautiful golf courses and ending in Mossel Bay. The weather changed, it became windy first, then rainy and really wet and windy in the end.

Amy was with us all the time, running probably 50% more of the distance due to her running back and forth, sniffing around and having fun. But from the way she slept in her bed we could tell, that she was tired like hell. 🙂

It was a wonderful event and we will definitely come back. Thanks to Sonja, Otto and the whole team of Trisport SA. Big thanks to Mark Sampson for taking wonderful pictures.

Day 1

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My Garmin data the Oystercatcher Trail Race, day 1

Day 2

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My Garmin data for the Oystercatcher Trail Race, day 2