Lioness and cub; Safari 2009

No, I’m not back at 100% yet.

My shin injury persists. This morning, after a gym session, I went out for another run. The first 1 km I was very happy. I did not feel any swelling at all in my left food. This was different to my last try on Sunday.

But then it came back. A feeling of pressure in my left food/shin. No pain. Yet.

I completed a 10 km run at a 5:26 min/km pace, which is almost race pace (5:15 min/km). This was mentally important to feel that the pace is still there. If the injury goes away, I’m confident for a good race.

I made the decision to prioritize getting 100% healthy again. I will not run for 1 week. I will apply ice, use Voltaren, stretch and do long walks with the dog, to keep the muscles active.

It all reminds me of the similar injury in 2009, where I got injury free after a strict 5 day rest period.

The next days will be very tough mentally. But I know that it will be the best for my recovery.

I would be pretty freaked out, if I would not have completed that many sessions and km this year already. I know, that my foundation for a great race is there.

It’s 10 days to go to 2014 Two Oceans Marathon.

Distance 10.2 km / 6.3 mi
Time 55 min
Monthly distance (April) 30.1 km / 18.7 mi
Annual distance 986.8 km / 613.2 mi