Have you ever heard the name Renato Canova?

The Italian might be THE best running coach in the world, coaching numerous world class athletes, like Moses Mosop, who together with countryman Geoffrey Mutai broke the Boston Marathon record by 3 minutes, finishing in 2h 03min 06sec in 2011. This would be a world record, but due to the Boston course it is not accepted as a world record.

Anyhow, for me this is quite a performance.

You might be wondering, just like me, how such an athlete prepares for a race.

You don’t need to wonder any more. It is fascinating, but Roberto Canova, the world class coach, is very open in sharing his training philosophy.

I found an interesting article about his ideas, including the links to a detailed, day by day training plan of Moses Mosop:

Elite Marathon Running Training Schedule: http://www.runningwritings.com/2012/06/elite-marathoning-with-renato-canova.html

I trust you will enjoy reading it. What do you think about it? Please let me know and post your comments below…