Are you preparing for your very first Two Oceans? Your first half? Your first ultra?

If it will be your first, I can feel with you. I remember my first Two Oceans as if it would have been yesterday.

On March, 31st 2018 I’ll join you, my fellow runners, wearing a yellow number, indicating that I’m on my way to my permanent, blue number for 10 Two Oceans Ultra finishes.

If you would have told me this 12 years ago, I would have said: „You are insane. Running a marathon is crazy, and what is an ultra marathon anyway?“

How times can change.

This flyer started everything…

Read my story about how I got into Ultra Marathon Running and about my journey from an occasional jogger to someone attempting his 10th Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in my post on the OMTOM blog:

If you see me on the route – no matter if during the race or during my training runs somewhere along the Atlantic Seaboard or on the trails of Table Mountain – please say hi.

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