Which exercises should a runner perform when he or she goes to the gym?

The major focus of gym work for runners has to be core strength. Yes, working on the back and the abs doing funny exercises we don’t want to do and instead go running. But a strong core is the make or break of long distance running.

One of the best exercises is the the deadlift. I do them whenever I go to the gym, no matter how little or much time I have.

But you should not hurt yourself – which can easily happen.

I suggest using only little weight (currently for me it’s 12.5 kg on each side = 25 kg in total + the weight of the bar) and focus on your technique. Don’t try to outperform the bodybuilders lifting 180 kg and more…

I found two great videos showing you what NOT to do and how to do the perfect deadlift. Have fun with it.

Video tip for runners: Deadlifts – 5 most common deadlift mistakes

And now what you should do…

Video for runners: How to perform the deadlift – proper deadlift technique & form

What do you do when you go to the gym?

Or don’t you go there?

Please leave a comment below on what you do at the gym or if you think “runners should run and nothing else”…