Not the pool I ran in today,
picture was taken at a vacation in 2005

It’s 7 days until 2014 Two Oceans Marathon.

I am convinced I will be ready and strong to make it a great run.

It’s the second day since my last run where the injury still had its impact on me – and I made the decision not to run for at least one week.

A couple of weeks before the race would have been the time to taper anyway. But my tapering usually included fast and 20+ km runs still. Not running is painful.

But I know, running now would make a good Two Oceans impossible.

I know, that slight movement is good for the injury and I came up with the idea to try aqua running. I went to the pool this afternoon and realized, that running in the pool can be exhausting too.

It was a great experience! I ran in the pool for maybe 20 minutes and it really is an exercise!

This was a great discovery! Because with this I can do some exercises even during my “no running” phase, which will keep me fit and quiet my mind.