¬© Fernando Serer, creative commons licenseAfter yesterday’s Red Hill Marathon, I fell extremely good.

I believe, it’s the result of a combination of:

  • more than 70 km/week for the last 7 weeks
  • not going at full speed for the marathon and focusing on a steady pace
  • applying ice from the ice coolers right after the race for maybe 10 minutes
  • a 10 min swim in the pool to cool the legs
  • wearing compressions socks and tights in the afternoon after the race and the next morning

I did not run today, but tomorrow I’ll get back into ¬†running with an easy 8-10 km run.

In terms of muscles I feel not worse than after a 35 km training run.

I’m very happy with this! Let’s see how I feel after tomorrows short run.