km/month Jan-March 2014

km/month Jan-March 2014

The monthly review of my running month: March 2014

0 races + 18 training sessions = 18 runs

March 2014
Monthly distance: 341.2 km / 212.0 mi
Longest run: 50.4 km / 31.3 mi
1 gym session

2014 annual figures
Annual distance: 956.6 km / 594.4 mi
Average distance/run: 18.4 km / 11.4 mi
Average pace/run: 5:49 min/km

Regarding the km I covered so far I am very happy. Within the first 13 weeks of 2014 I did 7 runs of 40+ km and 4 runs of 30+ km.

Regarding my pace I am not so sure – if I look at my performance at the two marathon races in January and February I trust my pace is good. I’ll now have one more week (first week of April) with a lots of km and speed work, followed by two weeks of reducing the milage to be ready for the 2014 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon on April 19th.


km/week for first 13 weeks in 2014