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I’m really surprised how well my legs recover from Red Hill Marathon just 2 days ago.

Today I took a very easy recovery run. Just 8 km (first 3 km slightly downhill).

For the first 10 minutes or so I felt quite stiff in my legs, but that dissapeared thereafter.

I don’t watch my heartrate at every run, but today I put on my heartrate monitor. If it would have went up during this easy run, I’d have know that I need to take it more slowly.

But it simply adjusted (124 bpm) to the easy exercise and therefore I can continue with my active recovery, going back to normal training.

Tomorrow will be another day off, before I’ll run again and for a longer distance.

Distance 8 km / 5 mi
Time 50 min
Total distance in 2014 227.6 km / 141.4mi