My Fenix 3 is trying to tell me to run harder

My Fenix 3 is trying to tell me to run harder

What a great month January 2016 was. Training was often quite hard due to multiple heatwaves moving through Cape Town with morning (5:00 am) temperatures of 20°C and higher.

My January 2016 training plan: Run at least one 30+ km run per week, add some pace sessions and a few bike rides (to prepare for the Cape Argus Cape Town Cycletour in March).

The outcome of January 2016:

328.9 km  covered during 14 training sessions (runs) + 2 races (30 km and 42.2 km)
Average distance per week 72.5 km

2 bike sessions

6 gym sessions

You can find my day by day (ultra) marathon training documentation here…

Feeling excellent, working hard to stay healthy and keep the long distance training going and flowing. I am varying the long (30+ km) runs like HR oriented slow runs, Comrades pace run, long intervalls. All systems at 100%.