Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 08.21.45After Saturday’s Two Oceans Ultra the pain in my left leg/shin did maintain. And it got worse.

In the evening and the next day it was extremely painful to stretch my left foot, the inside of the shin was red. Not good.

It’s just 6 weeks before Comrades. No time to hesitate. I got the recommendation for a good sports physician from Terry (thanks for that) and managed to get an appointment on Wednesday, 4 days after the race.

Being in Cape Town has many benefits. One of them is having one of the world’s leading Sports Institutes in town. The practice is located at this institute (the SSISA – Sports Science Institute of South Africa).

The consultation went quick – all signs indicated a bone stress injury. Not a bone fracture yet (luckily), but a fracture would be the logical consequence if I would not take action.

To identify the current status of the injury, we need to get an MRI done. Thanks to Rene, the receptionist, she found a way to get me an MRI appointment for Friday (= in 2 days time), instead of Wednesday in a week – since all MRIs in Cape Town seem to be in high demand.

If I am lucky I will have the next indication and first therapy instructions from my doctor by Friday afternoon. So far the therapy is: do not run. Cycling and swimming is allowed.

I am surprised how relaxed I stay right now. I strongly believe I’ll be running this year’s Comrades, maybe I need to rethink my goals, but I believe I will get my 4th Comrades medal on June 1st of 2014.

Fingers crossed for a good MRI result…


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