IMG_5253Without a report and therapy instructions from my sports physician, I did what I was allowed to do – go out and ride a bike.

It’s been more than a year since I had been on my bike, and my bum is not used to the sattle 😉

I went out for an easy 1 hour ride, covering some 600 m in altitude and 20.6 km in distance.

My leg did not cause any issues – and that how it’s supposed to be. It should rather be helpful for the leg since the exercise and increased blood circulation usually is beneficial to cure an injury.

Mentally it was great as well, having the heart beat up in the range of 140 bpm and knowing that I’m doing something beneficial for my endurance.

By the way: It’s was just a week ago that I ran my 6th Two Oceans Ultra 🙂

Distance 20.6 km / 12.8 mi
Time 1 h 5 min
Monthly bike distance (April) 20.6 km / 12.8 mi
Annual bike distance 20.6 km / 12.8 mi