Since my 9th Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in April 2017 I enjoy my “rest year”. I run for fun, and if I don’t like to run, I don’t.

No training plan. No schedule. No pressure. No races.

And I love it so much. It feels great running only when I’m keen on running. Interestingly I’m now running much faster, when I do my short sessions of 6-8 km. At a pace I used to consider speed training in the past. Now it still feels fast, but I’m not as exhausted as I’d expected.

While running less, I work on flexibility and strength, and I believe this will pay off multiple times next year. One of the exercises is use are the 7 way hips. This is such a simple, but effective and exhausting exercise…

Recently I did a short business trip to Singapore and Hong Kong, and I had a wonderful run in the evening in the Singapore Marina Bay area. I had to stop almost every 100 m to take a picture 🙂

So, I’m really pleased with the positive effect the rest year has on me.

Axel running in Singapore in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands hotel in background

Singapore Skyline

The Singapore Wheel

Giant (artificial) trees in Marina Bay Gardens