Ok, now that’s a wrap for my “off-season”. It’s been quite a relaxing time since Two Oceans Ultra 2017 and it was great, but it’s really time to take running more serious from now.

I believe my body and my mind recovered very well from the last 8 years of running. Running just for fun for the last 6 months was nice, but eventually what I need are goals to be achieved.

2018 I plan on running my 10th Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and my 6th Comrades Marathon. On the way there might be 2-3 marathons and who knows what else comes my way. Like the Singapore Newton Run I’m going to attend at the end of October, simply because a business trip takes me there and why not use the time and enter a race 🙂

I’m building myself up again very conservatively and slowly. Having not run 20+ km for quite some months, I really felt the time on the road when I ran this distance about 3 weeks back. But it’s amazing how fast the body recalls good old memories 🙂

Yesterday I did my first 30km run and felt great afterwards. Better than after the 25 km the week before.

I’m playing around with nutrition right now and before the long runs I currently do a special breakfast: 1 bulletproof coffee and in addition to that about 150 ml of almond milk with some jam and 1 1/2 table spoons of Chia seeds (soaked over night). Even during the 30 km run I did not feel hungry at all… Stay tuned, there is more to play around with.

And when you see me on the road, please say hi 🙂